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the fuel economy when you buy a car. well two manufacturers, kia and hundai had to take these stickers off and change them to the right number. on top of that, they've had to reimburse a million car owners. >> reporter: they relied on the honor system when it came to the car's fuel economy. they said it was posted right on the window sticker at the car lot. >> did you hear the mileage might be off? >> that's the first i heard about. >> reporter: there was an error in the testing procedure. the error coverric approximately 41 -- covering approximately 41% of the vehicles sold by the companies since 2010. the companies say they will pay owners back for the fuel costs issuing debit cards. low mileage was a selling point for them. >> that was definitely one of the factors we made attention to. >> reporter: the largest drop will be for the kia soul. it will be taken from 33 to 29 miles per gallon. the optima mid size sedans are not involved. the general manager of kia is still confident the quality of all kia vehicles speak for themselves. >> the price is competitive and the warranties are over
, for whom, while they're pro-choice, the economy message that the romney campaign has put out, which means different things to different people, has found some resonance. >> tomorrow, the last unemployment report before the election comes out. he does not believe it will change anyone's mind unless the numbers are hugely different from last week. right now the unemployment rate is 7.8%. >>> a neighborhood in the east bay hills is on the lookout for a deer that someone apparently tried to kill. people in and around campus drive in berkeley hills tell cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook that the doe is moving slowly and in obvious pain. >> reporter: if you live in many parts of the bay area, you have to learn to live with your neighbors. >> we see them every day. they come usually and eat up all the plants. >> reporter: she noticed something was wrong with the deer in the backyard of her home. >> i felt sick at the thought someone would do that. >> reporter: the doe had an arrow on its side. and next to her, a fawn. young contacted fish and game and sent out these pictures to people who live in th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)